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Minnesota Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Minnesota Chapter 7 bankruptcy is commonly referred to as a liquidation bankruptcy.  For more information regarding a Minnesota Chapter 7 bankruptcy please review the website.  If you have questions not answered in the materials you should call a Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer.   

Minnesota Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is commonly referred to as a wage earner’s bankruptcy.  It is a bankruptcy best suited for someone with a regular source of income.  Please review the website for more information regarding Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Minnesota.  If you have any further questions you should contact a Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer. 

Minnesota Chapter 11 bankruptcy

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is extremely complex and is typically used by a business to restructure their existing obligations.  An experienced Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer should be consulted prior to filing a chapter 11 bankruptcy, given the complexity involved. 

Minnesota Business Formation

A lot of choices are available in Minnesota when you are forming a new business entity.  Some of the choices include a Minnesota LLC, a Minnesota corporation, and a Minnesota Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).  When forming any one of these entities a Minnesota business attorney should be consulted to ensure compliance with local, state and national rules and regulations regarding the type of business you plan to start. 

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Do you have agreements that you send to customers on a regular basis, but are not sure if that agreement will protect you in case of a dispute?  You should contact a Minnesota business law attorney to ensure that your business contracts are sufficient.  

Debt Collection

If your Minnesota business is owed money for goods or services you should contact a Minnesota debt collection lawyer for advice on how to recover the money owed your business.  It is important to act quickly when collecting on a past due debt. 

Franchise Agreements

If you have a great idea or would like to expand your existing business, consider franchising your business.  You should contact a Minnesota business lawyer with regard to franchise registration, franchise disputes, franchise agreements, and franchise disclosures.  

Business Litigation

If your business has been sued you need to retain a Minnesota lawyer. If you do not defend the lawsuit, a default judgment could be entered against your business.  An experienced litigation attorney can help guide your company once you have been served with a lawsuit.

Minnesota Employment Law

It is important when you own a business to have a properly drafted employee handbook and be up-to-date on the newest things happening with Minnesota employment law. 

Shareholder and Director Disputes

If you are currently involved in a shareholder dispute, you know how much time gets spent resolving these issues.  A properly drafted shareholder or member control agreement can eliminate most common shareholder disputes.  

Minnesota Family Law

Minnesota family law deals with everything from divorce to prenuptial agreements.  If you have questions regarding family law you should contact a Minnesota family law lawyer.  

Minnesota Divorce

Divorce is difficult process for most individuals.  An experienced Minnesota divorce lawyer can make the process easier and protect your rights.

Minnesota Child Custody

One of the most challenging areas of family law is dealing with how to structure child custody during and after a divorce.  It is important to consult a Minnesota child custody lawyer to determine your rights under the law. 

Minnesota Child Support

Minnesota child support is governed by Minnesota statutes.  Minnesota recently enacted new guidelines that will be used to calculate child support payments.  An experienced Minnesota family law lawyer should be contacted if you are owed child support, or would like to determine how much you will be required to pay in child support under the new statutes. 

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance payments are available in Minnesota in some circumstances.  A number of factors determine if an individual is eligible to receive spousal maintenance payments following a divorce. 

Domestic Abuse

Domestice abuse is a serious issue and a Minnesota family law lawyer can advise you how to protect yourself with a court order limiting contact in abusive relationships. 

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are often a good idea where the parties enter a marriage with a lot of pre-marital assets that they choose to protect in case of divorce.  A Minnesota lawyer should be consulted prior to entering into any prenuptial agreement due to the complexity of the law.  

Complex Property Division

In a high asset divorce it will often be necessary to hire accountants and other professionals to facilitate a fair and equitable property division.  A Minnesota lawyer can help with the complex property division by providing a framework for the information from the other professionals. 

Business Valuations

It is oftentimes necessary to obtain a business valuation when a business owner is getting divorced.  This is required to make sure both parties in the divorce are treated fairly when determining the value of a business.  

Pension Division

It is important when getting a divorce to obtain the value of each spouse’s pension. This process results in getting a qualified domestic relations order or (QDRO). 


In order to determine paternity the court will need to conduct genetic tests.  Once paternity is established an individual can be held responsible for child support or other obligations. 

Name Change

The court has set procedures when an individual wants to legally change a name.  A Minnesota lawyer can be contacted to help facilitate the process. 

Relocating Children

Minnesota has specific requirements when relocating children following a divorce and court order regarding custody.  It is important to understand these requirements before moving children out of state.

Minnesota Criminal Law

Minnesota criminal law covers every crime in Minnesota.  It is important to have an experienced and aggressive advocate representing your interests if you have been charged with a crime.   

Minnesota DWI/DUI

Minnesota has become more aggressive in pursuing and arresting individuals for DUI/DWI.  Now more than ever you should hire a Minnesota DUI attorney to protect your rights if you have been charged with a DUI.

Drug Offenses

The penalties for drug offenses can be incredibly severe in Minnesota.  The penalties are even harsher if you are being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney and charged with federal drug crimes. That is why you deserve the best representation possible, and should hire an experienced Minnesota criminal lawyer.  


If you have been charged with murder in the state of Minnesota you need to contact a Minnesota lawyer to advise you of your constitutional rights.  Law enforcement and prosecutors have a lot of resources at their disposal to send you to jail so you need an attorney to help you provide the best legal defense possible.  

Minnesota Assault

If you have been charged with assault in Minnesota you need a lawyer to help you navigate the unfamiliar territory of a criminal court.  Being charged with a crime can be an overwhelming experience and create a great deal of stress regarding the unknown outcome of the prosecution. You can alleviate some of that stress by hiring a Minnesota criminal lawyer to provide guidance through the criminal system.  

Minnesota Disorderly Conduct

Prosecutors often charge disorderly conduct and other civil disorder crimes by default in most situations. It is important to have a Minnesota attorney review if the charge is constitutional and determine if you can fight the charges.  

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